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Used in patients over 12 years old for the treatment of partial-onset seizures that may or may not occur with generalized seizures.
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The exact mechanism of action of perampanel in seizures is not yet determined, but it is known that perampanel decreases neuronal excitation by non-competitive ihibition of the AMPA receptor.


Perampanel is involved in inhibiting neuronal excitation in the central nervous system leading to such effects as decreased pyschomotor performance.


Perampanel is highly metabolized by CYP3A4 and/or CYP3A5 primary oxidation and by sequential glucuronidation.


The FDA label includes an important warning of serious or life-threatening behavioral and psychiatric adverse reactions including aggression, hostility, irritability, anger, and homicidal thoughts in patients taking perampanel.

General Reference:
General Reference:

  1. Hanada T, Hashizume Y, Tokuhara N, Takenaka O, Kohmura N, Ogasawara A, Hatakeyama S, Ohgoh M, Ueno M, Nishizawa Y: Perampanel: a novel, orally active, noncompetitive AMPA-receptor antagonist that reduces seizure activity in rodent models of epilepsy. Epilepsia. 2011 Jul;52(7):1331-40. doi: 10.1111/j.1528-1167.2011.03109._. Epub 2011 Jun 2. Pubmed
  2. FDA label.

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