Lomefloxacin Hydrochloride

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Product Details:

  • Product Name: Lomefloxacin Hydrochloride
  • CAS #: 98079-52-8
  • Mode of Action:

    Lomefloxacin is a bactericidal fluoroquinolone agent with activity against a wide range of gram-negative and gram-positive organisms. The bactericidal action of lomefloxacin results from interference with the activity of the bacterial enzymes DNA gyrase and topoisomerase IV, which are needed for the transcription and replication of bacterial DNA. DNA gyrase appears to be the primary quinolone target for gram-negative bacteria. Topoisomerase IV appears to be the preferential target in gram-positive organisms. Interference with these two topoisomerases results in strand breakage of the bacterial chromosome, supercoiling, and resealing. As a result DNA replication and transcription is inhibited.

  • Pharmacodynamics:

    Lomefloxacin is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic used to treat chronic bronchitis, as well as complicated and uncomplicated urinary tract infections. It is also used as a prophylactic or preventative treatment to prevent urinary tract infections in patients undergoing transrectal or transurethral surgical procedures. Flouroquinolones such as lomefloxacin possess excellent activity against gram-negative aerobic bacteria such as E.coli and Neisseria gonorrhoea as well as gram-positive bacteria including S. pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus. They also posses effective activity against shigella, salmonella, campylobacter, gonococcal organisms, and multi drug resistant pseudomonas and enterobacter.

  • Metabolism:

    Minimally metabolized although 5 metabolites have been identified in human urine. 65% appears as the parent drug in urine and 9% as the glucuronide metabolite.

  • Toxicity:

    Adverse reactions include peripheral neuropathy, nervousness, agitation, anxiety, and phototoxic events (rash, itching, burning) due to sunlight exposure.

  • IUPAC: 3-Quinolinecarboxylic acid, 1, 4-dihydro-6, 8-difluoro-1-ethyl-7-(3-methyl-1-piperazinyl)-4-oxo-, monohydrochloride 3-Quinolinecarboxylic acid, 1-ethyl-6, 8-difluoro-1, 4-dihydro-7-(3-methyl-1-piperazinyl)-4-oxo-, monohydrochloride, (+-)- Ny-198
  • ATC: J01MA07" S01AE04
  • DrugBank: DB00978 (APRD01076)
  • Formula: C17-H19-F2-N3-O3.Cl-H
  • Molecular Mass: 387.812
  • Synonyms: (+-)-1-Ethyl-6,8-difluoro-1,4-dihydro-7-(3-methyl-1-piperazinyl)-4-oxo-3-quinolinecarboxylic acid, monohydrochloride, Bareon, CCRIS 2581, Lomefloxacin HCl, Lomefloxacin hydrochloride, Maxaquin, Mazaquin, NY 198, NY-198, SC-47111, UNII-9VC7S3ZXXB
  • SMILES: N1[C@@H](C)CN(CC1)c1c(F)cc2c(c(cn(c2c1F)CC)C(O)=O)=O.Cl
  • InChl: 1S/C17H19F2N3O3.ClH/c1-3-21-8-11(17(24)25)16(23)10-6-12(18)15(13(19)14(10)21)22-5-4-20-9(2)7-22;/h6,8-9,20H,3-5,7H2,1-2H3,(H,24,25);1H
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