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Cyproterone Acetate

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Product Name:
Cyproterone Acetate
CAS Number:
For the palliative treatment of patients with advanced prostatic carcinoma.
Mode of Action:

The direct antiandrogenic effect of cyproterone is blockage of the binding of dihydrotestosterone to the specific receptors in the prostatic carcinoma cell. In addition, cyproterone exerts a negative feed-back on the hypothalamo-pituitary axis, by inhibiting the secretion of luteinizing hormone resulting in diminished production of testicular testosterone.


Cyproterone is an antiandrogen. It suppresses the actions of testosterone (and its metabolite dihydrotestosterone) on tissues. It acts by blocking androgen receptors which prevents androgens from binding to them and suppresses luteinizing hormone (which in turn reduces testosterone levels).


Primarily hepatic. Cyproterone acetate is metabolized by the CYP3A4 enzyme, forming the active metabolite 15beta-hydroxycyproterone acetate, which retains its antiandrogen activity, but has reduced progestational activity.

(1S, 2S, 3S, 5R, 11R, 12S, 15R, 16S)-15-acetyl-9-chloro-2, 16-dimethyl-6-oxopentacyclo[², ⁸.0³, ⁵.0¹², ¹⁶]octadeca-7, 9-dien-15-yl acetate
Molecular Mass:
General Reference:
General Reference:


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