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Product Details:

  • Product Name: Cidofovir
  • CAS #: 113852-37-2
  • Mode of Action:

    Cidofovir acts through the selective inhibition of viral DNA polymerase.Biochemical data support selective inhibition of CMV DNA polymerase by cidofovir diphosphate, the active intracellular metabolite of cidofovir. Cidofovir diphosphate inhibits herpesvirus polymerases at concentrations that are 8- to 600-fold lower than those needed to inhibit human cellular DNA polymerase alpha, beta, and gamma(1, 2, 3). Incorporation of cidofovir into the growing viral DNA chain results in reductions in the rate of viral DNA synthesis.

  • Pharmacodynamics:

    Cidofovir is a new anti-viral drug. It is classified as a nucleotide analogue and is active against herpes cytomegalovirus (CMV) retinitis infection. Most adults are infected with CMV. Cidofovir suppresses cytomegalovirus (CMV) replication by selective inhibition of viral DNA synthesis.

  • Toxicity:

    Kidney damage, fall in the number of white blood cells, decreased platelets

  • IUPAC: ({[(2S)-1-(4-amino-2-oxo-1, 2-dihydropyrimidin-1-yl)-3-hydroxypropan-2-yl]oxy}methyl)phosphonic acid
  • ATC: J05AB12
  • PubChem: 60613
  • DrugBank: DB00369 (APRD00148)
  • Formula: C9H5ClINO
  • Molecular Mass: 279.187
  • Synonyms: CDV Cidofovir Anhydrous
  • SMILES: NC1=NC(=O)N(C[C@@H](CO)OCP(O)(O)=O)C=C1
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LGM Pharma Acquires CDMO

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