Our Company

LGM Pharma is a recognized global leader in sourcing and distribution of quality CGMP APIs.

LGM Pharma is a customer-focused innovative organization creating enhanced value by establishing partnerships supporting API needs from R&D through commercialization, providing integrated supply chain solutions for the global pharmaceutical markets. 

LGM Pharma streamlines API procurement and supply chain efforts for the Bio/Pharma, Generic and OTC industries.

We offer a customized approach with global reach and long-term collaboration that shortens time from sourcing to distribution of APIs:


Access to a robust global network of CGMP compliant and EU & US-FDA inspected suppliers, that offer a diverse portfolio of APIs

Quick access to full technical assistance & complete regulatory support

Support programs as either a primary or alternate source, both on an R&D or commercial scale

Handling of all shipping, distribution and importing of the API (from the supplier to your facility)

We are committed to investing in continuous improvement of our quality management systems to meet complex and evolving global regulations, and to connecting our clients only with the highest quality API manufacturers.

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