Commercial Stage cGMP APIs

LGM Pharma is enhancing its position as a leading supplier of bulk cGMP APIs with full technical assistance & complete regulatory support

Whether it is a generic formulation, a novel delivery system, or a combinatorial product, LGM has supported hundreds of projects and has aggregated the mindshare and the experience that has been an invaluable resource to our clients.


Because of the scale and scope of projects with which we are involved, LGM Pharma provides a seasoned perspective and wealth of valuable insight that our client’s both value and capitalize.

The collective experience of working with tens of manufacturers across hundreds of projects (large and small) along with the ongoing stream business that LGM Pharma provides these manufacturers, gives us unparalleled competitive intelligence on market pricing and quality management. Our mission is to leverage that position to assist our clients in making the most informed choices regarding primary and secondary sources.


We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of regulatory, quality and environmental compliance. Our API manufacturers hold the highest accreditations and are approved by the leading health authorities, such as the US-FDA, EDQM, TGA, UK-MHRA etc. LGM is ready to efficiently handle the most complex API specifications for your finished dosage forms.

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