Solid Dose Delivery Systems

Choose LGM Pharma for Simple to Sophisticated Oral Solid Dosage Forms

No solid dose project is too small or complicated for LGM Pharma

Oral solid doses (OSD) are the mainstay of pharmaceutical delivery systems. Yet manufacturing the different types of tablets, capsules, beads, powders, and granules requires proven skills, knowledge, and technologies.

Manufacturing 275 million solid doses annually, LGM Pharma is a proven CDMO partner for your next orally ingested therapeutic. With a heritage dating back to the 1940s, we bring a complete set of technologies and capabilities to expertly manufacture your solid dose delivery system – whether a simple tablet or more sophisticated solid dosage form.

Specialists in Oral Solid Dosage Forms

Trust LGM to manufacture all types of solid dose pharmaceuticals:

  • Tablets, capsules, beads, powders, and granules including:
    • Immediate, sustained, controlled, and extended release
    • Coated, uncoated, scored, and encapsulated
    • Orally dissolving tablets (ODT)
    • Controlled substances (DEA Class II-V)
  • Generic and innovator
  • Prescription and over-the-counter
  • Flexible batch size
    • Small, medium, or large clinical and commercial batches – with tech transfer from pilot to commercial scale
    • Typical commercial batch sizes of up to 2+ million

Access the comprehensive selection of manufacturing techniques to deliver high-quality OSD forms:

  • Low-shear wet granulation process
  • High-shear wet granulation process
  • Spray granulation process
  • Dry granulation process
  • Bead layering and coating
  • Modified/extended/immediate/controlled/timed release
  • Coating of powders and granules
  • Tablet /capsule coating
  • Low and medium viscosity liquid mixing
  • Encapsulation of powder, tablets, or beads
  • Encapsulation of tablets with beads or powder
  • Bi-layer tableting (coming soon)

LGM also offers various solid dose packaging solutions, and operational track and trace capabilities and serialization equipment.

Quality by Design Practices

Long before the FDA established Quality by Design practices, LGM Pharma bred quality into the development of our manufacturing and production processes. Whether we formulate your OSD or transfer it in, manufacturing protocols are developed, validated, and enforced. This ensures Critical Quality Attributes are maintained for a reproducibly safe, efficacious, and stable finished product.

Full-Service Capabilities

From securing high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) to manufacturing finished drug product, LGM Pharma can bring your OSD to market.

Your solid dose delivery system can be expertly formulated, including R&D manufacturing, at our Colorado Springs, CO facility and tech transferred for manufacturing and packaging at our cGMP facility in Irvine, CA.  In-house analytical testing services are also part of your CDMO engagement.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are fully licensed and accredited for GMP and cGMP manufacturing. FDA inspections and annual customer audits reveal no current issues or observations.

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Partner Smart

Unique Outsourcing Models

At LGM Pharma, you’re more than a customer. We’re partners – and successful partnerships have “win-win” outcomes. That’s why we offer standard fee-for-service packages, joint-venture partnerships, and risk/profit-sharing models.

Explore Partnership Models

Whether you’re looking to manufacture an OSD, reshore your manufacturing, or solve a manufacturing challenge, LGM is your partner for simple-to-sophisticated solid dose delivery systems.