Commercial Scale-Up Facilities & Equipment

Facilities & Equipment to Scale from Clinical to Commercial

US-based pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, equipped for commercial scale up, smooth your path to market

With well over 100,000-square-feet of GMP R&D, pilot plant, and cGMP manufacturing space based in the US, LGM Pharma is uniquely suited to support reshoring of pharmaceutical outsourcing initiatives. We possess state-of-the-art commercial scale-up facilities and equipment for comprehensive, cost-effective pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, including DEA Class II-V manufacturing. As well as analytical method development and validation and stability studies.

Our facilities are up-to-date on inspections and approvals with no negative reports or observations.

Irvine, California

This 50,000-square-foot facility is the heart of our oral solid dosage form manufacturing and packaging. We handle from pilot to commercial scale, with typical commercial batches of +2 million. It’s also where analytical testing services and stability studies are performed.

Rosenberg, Texas

Our campus here, with 54,000 square feet of manufacturing space, labs, and packaging lines – and room to grow – is home to our liquids and suspensions, semi-solids, and suppositories manufacturing and packaging. We also do analytical testing and stability studies here.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

We pack a lot into this 16,000-square-foot R&D facility: it’s where we formulate and develop drug products prior to tech transfer for manufacturing and packaging in our California and Texas facilities. We also manufacture solid dosage forms for R&D.

Analytical Capabilities

Across our facilities, LGM Pharma has capabilities for analytical method development and validation and stability services.

With three U.S. locations, LGM Pharma is uniquely capable of reshoring your drug product development and manufacturing. Our facilities and equipment enable us to formulate, develop, manufacture, and package up through commercial scale a wide range of drug formulations. And move them quickly to market.

Our facilities and equipment are surpassed only by our expertise and commitment to your success.