Tom Hanks Diabetes – A Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis

Tom Hanks Diabetes – A Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis

We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration At The Lincoln MemorialThe recent announcement from actor Tom Hanks revealing his diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes was stunning for Hollywood and his numerous fans. How could Tom, an in shape and active actor have this dreadful diagnosis? Endocrinologists believe a variety of factors contributed to Tom Hanks diabetes – particularly his type 2 status, including likely genetic components, weight gain and most importantly, high blood sugar counts over the past two decades. Tom did not let this news spoil the excitement surrounding the release of his latest film, Captain Philips, which is booming at the box office.

While it is not known what medication Tom Hanks has been prescribed, it is known that he joins a staggering 26 million Americans who have type 1 and type 2 diabetes, with the vast majority of these patients having the type 2 status.  Almost 80 million Americans have prediabetes, which is the status Mr. Hanks had for roughly 20 years prior to his type 2 diagnosis. Tom Hanks is not the only celebrity to reveal his type 2 diabetes diagnosis, however. Other celebrities who have shared their diagnosis of type 2 diabetes include Halle Berry, Drew Carey, Patti LaBelle, Paula Deen and Sherri Shepard.

There are many medications available for patients with type 2 diabetes, including newer treatments such as Sitagliptin (see Profitable Sitagliptin is a Best Selling Pharmaceutical Product article) and the once daily Canagliflozin (check out The FDA Approves Canagliflozin For Type 2 Diabetes). Further research and development is needed to combat this ballooning problem not only in the United States, but worldwide.  According to the World Health Organization there are over 300 million people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes worldwide.

With the number of people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes projected to grow in leaps and bounds, the need for innovative and novel drugs will be in great need. LGM Pharma provides Sitagliptin CAS# 486460-32-6Canagliflozin CAS# 842133-18-0 and many other APIs for research and development purposes. Clients can be assured of continuous support throughout the R&D process, as well as quality API products.


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