Testosterone Therapy Leads to Decreased Pain Perception in Men

Testosterone Therapy Leads to Decreased Pain Perception in Men

TestosteroneTestosterone CAS# 58-22-0, made the pharmaceutical headlines mid June 2013 when study findings were announced touting testosterone for perceived pain relief. Data presented on June 17, 2013, at the Endocrine Society’s 95th Annual Meeting offered positive results regarding the use of testosterone to improve pain tolerance. The study funded by Abbott Pharmaceuticals, involved 84 men who were between the ages of 18 and 64. All of the men included in the study had been diagnosed with opioid-induced testosterone deficiency. The uptick in patients utilizing opioid treatments for chronic pain due to injuries and disease led researchers to evaluate this particular patient population. Narcotic analgesics often lead to lower than normal testosterone levels in men, thus adding to their perceived pain, as well as contributing to symptoms like irritability and depression. With the average age of male participants in the aforementioned study being 49 years old, roughly 65 men chose to continue in the complete study. Of the 65 male participants, 36 men received testosterone gel and 29 men were given a placebo. The study ran for a total of 14 weeks. When compared to men who had been administered with testosterone, the men who were given the placebo showed no perception of less pain or a greater tolerability to pain and discomfort. However, the men who were administered the testosterone gel showed a sizable reduction in pain sensitivity, pain perception and pain tolerance. Additionally, the men who were dosed with testosterone reported a general improved quality of life.

The patents for two well-known and efficacious testosterone treatments, Striant and Testoderm, have patent expirations of August 23, 2019 and November 10, 2019, respectively. Research and development of generic formulations of testosterone is sure to be underway now that there appears to be a way to reduce pain perception in the group of patients who are taking opioids, which are the most addictive and life altering drugs.

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Story Source: ScienceDaily.com

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