Tesamorelin and Breaking News from the United Nations AIDS Program

Tesamorelin and Breaking News from the United Nations AIDS Program

United Nations AIDS ProgramThe United Nations AIDS program announced on Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 that fewer people infected with HIV globally were dying, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. The reason for this encouraging news is the greater accessibility for patients with AIDS worldwide to crucial antiretroviral drugs. The U.N. is actively working alongside pharmaceutical companies, in an effort to develop and improve patient access to lower-cost versions of streamlined HIV treatments, perhaps ones that can combine several drugs in a single pill. Michel Sidibe, the executive director of UNAIDS, stated his goals in an interview held on Wednesday morning, citing the need for innovation in AIDS medications to reduce the high costs. In his forward thinking statement he also said, “If we want to maintain people on second- and third-line medicine it will not be possible with the price of the drugs we have today.”  His concerns echo those of researches, physicians and pharmaceutical professionals worldwide. One of these integral AIDS treatment is tesamorelin. As an injectable drug deemed a human growth hormone-releasing factor (GRF) analog, tesamorelin is effective and tolerable.

tesamorelinTesamorelin, CAS number 218949-48-5, is also known as Egrifta. The patent for Egrifta, which is marketed by Theratechnologies Inc , is due to expire on May 26, 2015. Tesamorelin is a beneficial treatment for patients suffering from AIDS, as it helps to decrease the amount of extra fat in the stomach area in these patients, thus combating the problem of lipodystrophy. Efficacious for reducing visceral adipose tissue, which is the deep belly fat surrounding the liver, stomach and other abdominal organs, tesamorelin greatly adds to the quality of life for patients with HIV/AIDS. Because antiretroviral therapy is often a catalyst for lipodystrophy, the tesamorelin injection, which is administered subcutaneously in the stomach area, can reduce this unwanted side effect of ARV therapy. Additional adverse effects of tesamorelin may include injection site skin irritation, such as redness, itching or swelling. Common side effects of tesamorelin are pain in joints, arms and legs, nausea, and a tingling feeling.

Clinical studies completed found tesamorelin to significantly reduce VAT in patients with AIDS. One Phase III trial which involved 816 adults males and females with HIV and lipodystrophy found encouraging results from the patients who received tesamorelin in this placebo controlled trial. Of the 543 patients who were dosed with tesamorelin (Egrifta), for a 26 week period, almost all saw a 15-17 percent reduction in VAT. Another positive result from this trial was the improved self image of these patients, which brightened their outlook and sense of confidence. LGM Pharma is a provider of the API tesamorelin, and offers exceptional support for all clients.


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