Tenofovir Offers Significant Risk Reduction for Contracting the HIV Virus

Tenofovir Offers Significant Risk Reduction for Contracting the HIV Virus

tenofovir analyzationBreaking news in the pharmaceutical world made headlines on June 12, 2013, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed a study touting the prophylactic benefit of Tenofovir. Coined pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP, this study advocating the use of Tenofovir as an interventional pre-treatment was published in the Lancet in mid- June of 2013. The study focused on people who are intravenous drug users and are in danger of contracting the virus that causes AIDS. Between 8 and 11 percent of patients who are HIV positive become infected through the use of intravenous drugs such as heroin. Often drug addicts will share needles, thus increasing their risk for contracting HIV.

The aforementioned study took place in Bangkok, Thailand and involved 2,413 drug users who were uninfected and without HIV positive status. Participants in the study were administered one Tenofovir pill daily, as the brand name Viread which is marketed by Gilead Sciences, or a placebo pill. The study was long and comprehensive, averaging a four year time span. Results gleaned from participants were encouraging for the group who received Tenofovir. Of the patients dispensed with Tenofovir there were 17 people who contracted the HIV virus, as compared to 33 people who were administered the placebo pill for about four years.  Further analyzation of the data and statistics revealed that among the patients who took Tenofovir on a consistent basis daily had a reduction rate of up to 74 percent for contracting the virus.

Tenofovir, CAS numbers 147127-20-6 is an antiretroviral agent effective for treating patients with HIV infection, and has the potential to become a generic competitor in the market as early as January 2018. Tenofovir is also a unique medication as it is the first and only medication in a group of HIV drugs known as nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors, or NtRTIs.

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