Telbivudine Makes Headlines in China for the Treatment of Hepatitis B

Telbivudine Makes Headlines in China for the Treatment of Hepatitis B

TelbivudineAs a formidable and known nucleoside analogue, Telbivudine is one of a few oral treatments to combat HBeAg positive and negative chronic hepatitis B. Known as the brand name Tyzeka, Telbivudine has a patent expiration of August 10, 2019.  While the use of Telbivudine has been extremely successful in the United States, other countries around the globe are beginning to see the value of this potent and tolerable drug. China released positive study results in April 2013, based on their study deemed “EFFORT”, which confirmed the growing popularity for the use of Telbivudine for treating hepatitis b. Randomized studies from China showed that the use of Telbivudine demonstrated significantly better results for the treatment of chronic hepatitis when compared to either adefovir or lamivudine alone. Chinese researchers were also pleased that patients enrolled in the EFFORT trial found Telbivudine to be tolerable and free of a large number of adverse events. In fact, participants in this trial had no worse adverse side effects when compared to the patients who were dosed with lamivudine.

Another study conducted by Han regarding the use of Telbivudine and pregnant mothers in their second and third trimesters offered additional encouraging information. Involving 229 pregnant women with hepatitis b, Telbivudine was administered to roughly half of the women in an attempt to lower or eliminate perinatal transmission of the hepatitis b virus. At the 28 week visit after delivery of their baby, the group who received Telbivudine showed a significantly lower rate of virus transmission, 0 percent versus 8 percent for the placebo group. In addition, there were no noted severe side effects from the women in the study, and the babies had normal and uncompromised Apgar scores. This research has led the medical community in China to seek further studies and development with Telbivudine, in the hopes of making this reliable treatment a standard in their country.

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