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The Hyderabad-based pharmaceutical company, Lee Pharma, has recently released a statement which says that Saxagliptin hydrochloride is the most effective substitute for insulin injectables for the treatment of Type-2 diabetes. The statement was made while Lee Pharma said that the multinational company AstraZeneca, which it applied to for the patented diabetes medication Saxagliptin hydrochloride, was[…]

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The latest news in the fight against type 2 diabetes highlights Dapagliflozin and Saxagliptin as the latest dazzling duo. Known as the brand name medications Farxiga {Dapagliflozin} and Onglyza {Saxagliptin} these powerhouse drugs have proven themselves in Phase lll trials. Data recently released from the 534 patient, three-arm trial demonstrated that the combination treatment of[…]

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DDP-4 inhibitors, commonly known as Gliptins, are a relatively new group of drugs. They are drugs normally used for diabetes control, however, this year it was discovered that they may play a greater heart-protective role in patients with existing cardiovascular comorbidities. According to the report published last month in Medpage Today, researchers found that patients[…]

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LGM Pharma Acquires CDMO

On July 27, 2020, LGM Pharma announced its acquisition of the formulation development and drug product contract manufacturing business of Nexgen Pharma, Inc. As a result, you will notice our new logo and visuals throughout the website. We’re working on updates to reflect the exciting, expanded CDMO capabilities and services we now can offer you.

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