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On February 3, 2015 the FDA approved Olopatadine Hydrochloride, ophthalmic solution 0.7%, for the treatment of ocular itching due to allergic conjunctivitis. Known as the brand name Pazeo, which is marketed by Alcon, the approved dose is one drop in each affected eye daily. Positive data from two trials coined Conjunctival Allergen Challenge demonstrated that[…]

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The release of the Ocular Hypertension Pipeline Review, H2 2014 was encouraging for ophthalmologic research and development teams regarding the use of Betaxolol to treat ocular hypertension. The review, published in early 2015, focused on the positive aspects of various therapies for treating ocular hypertension, with Betaxolol receiving positive feedback. The global therapeutic landscape for[…]

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Olopatadine CAS# 113806-05-6 & Olopatadine Hydrochloride CAS# 140462-76-6, are also known as Patanol and Pataday, which are marketed by Alcon. With the patent for olopatadine due to expire on June 6, 2015, researchers are looking forward to offering generic options of this popular allergy remedy. Olopatadine is effectual as an ophthalmic solution in the form[…]

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LGM Pharma Acquires CDMO

On July 27, 2020, LGM Pharma announced its acquisition of the formulation development and drug product contract manufacturing business of Nexgen Pharma, Inc. As a result, you will notice our new logo and visuals throughout the website. We’re working on updates to reflect the exciting, expanded CDMO capabilities and services we now can offer you.

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