Antiangiogenic Agents – Providing an Alternative Approach

Antiangiogenic Agents – Providing an Alternative Approach

mammogramA recent study conducted by the Queens University Belfasts School of Pharmacy revealed the ability of the recombinant protein FKBPL to inhibit tumor growth by disrupting the blood supply to these tumors. This method of cancer treatment called neovascularization is certainly not new with several agents exhibiting the same mode of action already available in the market. Bevacizumab, Sunitinib, and Sorafenib are just a few of the examples. However, due to the toxicity associated with clinical doses of these drugs, ongoing studies for new antiangiogenic agents can provide an alternative and improved therapeutic approach.

One such study employed recombinant FKBPL (rFKBPL) both singly and in combination with docetaxel, an antimitotic agent also commonly employed in ovarian and breast cancer therapy. The results showed significant antiangiogenic activity when tested on human tumor xenograft models. The study traced the antiangiogenic activity of FKBPL the cell-surface receptor CD44, the cell surface protein that is involved in cell-cell interactions, which in this case is migration.

Docetaxel CAS# 114977-28-5

Docetaxel CAS# 114977-28 is used as an adjunct agent in this study is available for research and development purposes from LGM Pharma. The company offers Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) to global pharmaceutical companies. Backed with full regulatory support, it supplies high quality docetaxel to its clients with no less than 98{ea91ce937acfcedac5cfadbb01091089b0d0efaf901d2d8d1bf3570326cfc2cb} purity that complies with WHO, EDQM, TGA, US-FDA, UK-MHRA standards.

With over 15 years experience in supplying API’s to pharmaceutical markets all over the world, the company maintains tight inventory of its products across all stages of the supply chain to ensure continuous supply even in the event of product shortages. Despite the extensive clinical studies on the drug, Docetaxel is continually being outsourced to pharmaceutical companies on the frontlines of cancer therapy research.


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