Rizatriptan Gets FDA Nod as New Generic for Migraine Therapy

Rizatriptan Gets FDA Nod as New Generic for Migraine Therapy

Rizatriptan Gets FDA Nod as New Generic for Migraine TherapyOn January 5, 2015 Jubilant Life Sciences received an FDA nod for their Rizatriptan generic formulation, paving the way for more generic forms of Merck’s blockbuster migraine medication Maxalt. The strengths approved for generic production are both 5 milligrams and 10 milligrams, which makes up an estimated 70 million dollar market. Rizatriptan is an efficacious treatment for patients suffering from migraines, as well as adverse effects which stem from migraines including sensitivity to light and sound, nausea and vomiting. Belonging to a class of drugs known as triptans, Rizatriptan works by affecting serotonin, which causes a narrowing of the blood vessels in the brain. While Rizatriptan does not prevent future migraines it does rapidly alleviate symptoms of a migraine headache, enabling patients to get back to their normal routine as soon as possible.

Rizatriptan is usually prescribed to be taken at the onset of a migraine. Taking Rizatriptan on an empty stomach helps it to work more quickly. Both children and adults can safely be prescribed Rizatriptan, with children being advised not to exceed 5 milligrams daily. Adults should take no more than 30 milligrams in a 24 hour period. Adverse effects from this drug are uncommon. Some patients have reported mild side effects, including dry mouth, dizziness and a tired feeling. An updated report titled “The Prevalence and Burden of Migraine and Severe Headache in the United States: Updated Statistics from Government Health Surveillance Studies” reveals that approximately 14.2 percent of American adults ages 18 and older report experiencing either a migraine or a severe headache in 2012. The prevalence of migraine headaches was highest in females between ages 18 and 44. Migraine headaches are often reported from females who are in their reproductive years, which often coincide with reproductive issues.

MigraineHeadache was documented as the fourth leading cause for patient visits to the emergency room in 2009-2010, with triptans being dispensed in almost 2 percent of patients as treatment. As a whole figures have remained consistent for the major part of the last decade, with migraine headaches affecting 1 out of every 7 Americans annually. Continued research and development of FDA approved generic Rizatriptan is on the forefront of pharmaceutical studies. LGM Pharma can assist clients as a supplier/distributor of the API Rizatriptan, CAS # 145202-66-0 for research and development purposes. Clients can be assured of quality API products and continuous support throughout the R&D process.

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