Raloxifene Treatment for Breast Cancer and Liver Cancer

Raloxifene Treatment for Breast Cancer and Liver Cancer

Positive Study Results

raloxifene hydrochloride teva apiAs a common medication prescribed for post-menopausal women to treat and prevent osteoporosis, Raloxifene has now been recognized as a potential viable treatment for both breast and liver cancer. A recently released study, conducted at Oregon State University, demonstrated powerful data touting the use of Raloxifene to treat triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) as well as certain types of liver cancer. While initial tests were not yet conducted via a human clinical trial, information gleaned from lab tests is encouraging. Raloxifene has the unique ability to be able to bind with the aryl hydrocarbon receptor, or AhR protein. In addition to the AhR protein being a powerful opponent for cancer cells which do not contain estrogen receptors, researchers also believe the use of Raloxifene will elicit a similar reaction in patients with specific types of liver cancer.

Eliminating Cancer Cells

Triple Negative Breast Cancer FoundationWith triple-negative breast cancer accounting for almost 20 percent of all cases of breast cancer in the United States, this unusual disease is difficult to treat. Patients with triple-negative breast cancer have cells which do not contain receptors for estrogen, making their response to typical medications for breast cancer, such as Trastuzumab, useless. The use of Raloxifene in this subset of patients is effectual, as this potent drug keeps estrogen from binding to receptors, which keeps breast cancer cells from growing. The ability of Raloxifene to bind with the AhR protein was a hopeful discovery, as it shows Raloxifene can also eliminate cancer cells without estrogen receptors.

Raloxifene Health Insurance Coverage

In January 2014 medical news outlets announced that Raloxifene would now be covered by the majority of health insurance plans in the U.S., and at zero cost to women who prove to be at an increased risk for developing breast cancer. Known as the brand name Evista, Raloxifene is now supplied as 60 milligram tablets from Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. With roughly $824 million dollars in U.S. sales for the 2013 year, Evista has been successful and proven safe and tolerable.

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