Pyrazinamide is a Triple Threat to TB in HIV Patients

Pyrazinamide is a Triple Threat to TB in HIV Patients

PA-824 + Moxifloxacin + PyrazinamideMidstage trial data of a Pyrazinamide cocktail to treat TB has offered encouraging news for patients with the HIV infection. Coined PaMZ, this drug trio includes Pyrazinamide and two antibacterial drugs, with results going into the Phase III trial looking promising. The antibacterial drugs are PA-824, which was initially developed by the Novartis and the potent antibiotic Moxifloxacin, also known as Bayer’s brand name Avelox. The 200 patient Phase II data touted exemplary results, with a 71 percent cure rate for patients as compared to standard single treatment therapy, which had a 38 percent cure rate. Additional good news regarding the Pyrazinamide cocktail is that this effectual treatment does not interfere with the antiviral medications taken by patients with the HIV infection. Statistically patients with the HIV virus are 30 times more likely to develop Tuberculosis {TB}, with this virulent disease killing one in every five patients worldwide. Several of the crucial antiviral treatments used to fight the HIV virus in patients are not compatible with many drugs to remedy TB, so the recent news regarding the Pyrazinamide trio was very encouraging.

Information from the PaMZ trial was recently revealed at the International AIDS Conference which was held in Melbourne. Study investigators are hopeful for the completion of the Phase III study, which is partially funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Phase III trial is called STAND {Shortening Treatments by Advancing Novel Drugs}, and it will involve 1,500 patients in fifty sites and on four continents. Patients enrolled in this comprehensive study will receive the PaMZ triple trio and then be assessed for a speedy and reliable cure for TB. Patients will also be evaluated to ensure that there is no additional need for injections to treat Tuberculosis and be certain that patient’s HIV treatment regimen is not disrupted. Providing this efficacious drug treatment is approved patients, practitioners and the pharmaceutical companies will be overjoyed, as this triple treatment is 90 percent less expensive than existing treatments for drug-resistant forms of TB. Patients in underprivileged parts of the world where TB is both rampant and deadly will also benefit greatly from this Pyrazinamide cocktail. Upset stomach and fatigue are the most commonly reported side effects, and this Pyrazinamide cocktail is generally safe and well tolerated.

Pyrazinamide CAS 98-96-4As a first line drug in antituberculosis medications Pyrazinamide is a synthetic pyrazine analogue of nicotinamine which has powerful activity against mycobacterium tuberculosis. Roughly one third of the world’s population is infected with tuberculosis bacteria, but only a small number of those infected will become sick with TB.

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