Prasugrel Is Key to Successful Angioplasties

Prasugrel Is Key to Successful Angioplasties

prasugrel 150322-43-3Known as the brand name Effient, Prasugrel was approved by the FDA in July of 2009 as a blood thinning drug. Designed to be used to reduce the risk of blood clots from forming in patients who undergo angioplasty, which is a common procedure to unblock a clogged coronary artery, Prasugrel was studied in close to 14,000 patients. Prasugrel was compared in clinical trials to the blood-thinning drug, Plavix (clopidogrel), in patients in imminent danger of a heart attack or who had a heart attack already. All of these patients were preparing to undergo an angioplasty to treat their impending or documented heart attack. The fraction of patients who had subsequent non-fatal heart attacks was reduced from 9.1% in those patients who received Plavix, to 7.0% in those patients who received Effient, or Prasugrel.  There was a risk of significant and sometimes fatal bleeding seen in patients who took Prasugrel.

In a class of medications called anti-platelets, Prasugrel works by preventing platelets from collecting and forming clots which can cause a heart attack or stroke. Some physicians prescribe Prasugrel alongside aspirin therapy to patients to circumvent serious or life-threatening problems with their heart and blood vessels, particularly if they have had a heart attack or severe chest pain and have been treated with an angioplasty. Effient, the brand of Prasugrel, is offered in 5mg and 10mg tablets for oral administration.

Clopidogrel StentAngioplasties or percutaneous coronary interventions are defined as being the threading of a catheter up to the site of a blockage, typically through an insertion site in the patient’s groin or arm. These procedures are becoming quite common, with more than three million patients in the U.S. receiving angioplasty procedures since the debut of this treatment in 2003.

LGM Pharma provides Prasugrel CAS# 150322-43-3 for research and development, and offers clients complete support throughout the R&D process.


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