Pasireotide is a Powerful Opponent Against Acromegaly

Pasireotide is a Powerful Opponent Against Acromegaly

As a hormonal disorder caused by the pituitary gland producing an excess of the growth hormone during adulthood, acromegaly typically affects middle aged adults. Occasionally this challenging disorder affects children as well, in the form of gigantism. The changes which occur in adults with acromegaly tend to be slow growing, leading many patients to be unaware of their condition until the symptoms of this virulent disease become life threatening.


While serious illness and death are possible outcomes from acromegaly, there is hope in the form of proactive and effective treatment. Pasireotide has recently taken the pharmaceutical spotlight as an efficacious and powerful treatment for acromegaly, with positive results from a Phase 3 trial being shared from Novartis, who markets the brand name of Pasireotide coined Signifor LAR. Data presented at the 16th European Congress of Endocrinology indicated extremely encouraging results among patients with acromegaly who were unable to sustain adequate disease control with current best in care treatment. Phase 3 trial results showed that when patients with acromegaly were administered the long acting release (LAR) of Pasireotide they were able to achieve a much greater control of their disease as compared to continued treatment with standard care of somatostatin analogue therapy.

The aforementioned Phase 3 study involved patients who received doses of Pasireotide LAR 40 milligrams, Pasireotide LAR 60 milligrams, Lanreotide Autogel or Octreotide LAR. The clinical trial participants who were given both the 40 milligram and 60 milligram doses of Pasireotide displayed a sizably better biochemical control as compared to the participants who were dosed with Lanreotide Autogel and Octreotide long acting release. Adverse events were similar across all of the study arms, with a slightly higher rate of hyperglycemia in patients who received Pasireotide.

Currently Pasireotide is FDA approved as an injection for adult patients suffering from Cushing’s Disease who are not candidates for pituitary surgery.

LGM Pharma provides the API Pasireotide CAS# 396091-73-9 for research and development purposes. Clients can be assured of quality API products and continuous support throughout the R&D process.


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