ERLANGER, Kentucky / BOCA RATON, Florida – LGM Pharma, an innovation-driven active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) company, headquartered in Erlanger, Kentucky with offices in Florida, New Jersey and Israel recently announced the appointment of Mr. Keith Lavery as chief financial officer (CFO) reporting to Dr. Prasad Raje, the CEO for LGM Pharma. In this capacity, Mr.[…]

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Anidulafungin CAS No: 166663-25-8 Anidulafungin is an antifungal API used to combat general yeast infections found in the blood, stomach, or esophagus and some varieties of Aspergillus. As an echinocandin, it inhibits the growth of fungal cell walls which results in either fungal cell instability or death. Echinocandins are unique in that they affect the[…]

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Tacrolimus CAS No: 104987-11-3 Tacrolimus is an immunosuppressant that has been primarily used to help transplant patients accept their new organs. However, there’s more to this macrolide API than meets the eye. By inhibiting the production of T cells within the body, tacrolimus can be used to help a variety of inflammatory diseases, most notably[…]

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LGM Pharma Announces New CEO

ERLANGER, Kentucky / Boca Raton, Florida—LGM Pharma, an innovation-driven active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) company, headquartered in Erlanger, Kentucky with offices in Florida, New York and Israel recently announced that Dr. Prasad S. Raje, Ph.D. would be joining the organization as the company CEO. In that capacity, Dr. Raje will be heading up all company management[…]

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Posaconazole CAS No:171228-49-2 Posaconazole is a type of oral triazole antifungal API that has shown a high rate of efficacy for a number of fungal conditions without the risk of severe side effects. While many antifungal medications have ostensibly similar jobs, each one has their own limitations and patient disadvantages. Posaconazole was developed as an[…]

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Dermatological Antifungal

The dermatological antifungal segment has three more FDA approved options. This is good news for a specialty area that could use more diversity when it comes to treating fungal infections. Tavaborole and Efinaconazole were both approved by the FDA in 2014 to treat fungi of the nail and nailbeds, and Crisaborole was approved in 2016[…]

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AAPS Banner

The 2017 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition took place in San Diego November 12-15. It brought together more than 6,100 scientists, business leaders, government officials, and students from around the world to share and learn the latest scientific advances and industry developments. The meeting featured 100 scientific sessions and 2,200 posters, workshops, and short courses.[…]

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New Harbor Capital

Chicago-based private equity firm New Harbor Capital completed a majority equity investment in LGM Pharma, an innovation-driven company involved in distribution of cGMP active pharmaceutical ingredients (“API”) and other value-added services supporting leading pharmaceutical companies. LGM specializes in streamlining the API supply chain throughout all development stages while providing complete technical capabilities and expert regulatory[…]

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LGM Pharma Acquires CDMO

On July 27, 2020, LGM Pharma announced its acquisition of the formulation development and drug product contract manufacturing business of Nexgen Pharma, Inc. As a result, you will notice our new logo and visuals throughout the website. We’re working on updates to reflect the exciting, expanded CDMO capabilities and services we now can offer you.

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