ORPHANION Partners with API Sourcing Leader LGM Pharma to Expand Global Access to Its Niche API Services


March 18, 2019, Basel, Switzerland and Erlanger, Kentucky, USA – Orphanion AG, a CRO/CMO that focuses on contract research and manufacturing services for niche active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and LGM Pharma, LLC, a leader in API sourcing, warehousing and distribution services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, today announced that they have finalized a partnering agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, Orphanion’s specialty services, such as production of difficult-to-synthesize molecules for niche applications, will be available to LGM Pharma clients.

Guido Bossi, Managing Director of Orphanion, commented, “Access to LGM’s extensive international experience and global clientele will enable Orphanion to extend our operational reach and broaden our service portfolio in niche market segments.”

Prasad S. Raje, PhD, CEO of LGM Pharma, noted, “We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Orphanion, which broadens the scope of API-related products and services we can offer our global customer base, especially in the areas of complex molecules and niche indications.“

Further details of the agreement were not disclosed.

About Orphanion

Orphanion is a Swiss-based CRO/CMO that supports small to mid-sized biotech and pharma companies with customized development and procurement services to optimize the growing sales potential for niche pharmaceuticals, orphan drugs and therapeutic oligonucleotides. This includes molecules that are difficult to synthesize, both from a process as well as a patent point-of-view. For more information on Orphanion and its services, please visit www.orphanion.com. 

About LGM Pharma

Headquartered in Erlanger, Kentucky with offices in Florida, New York and Israel, LGM Pharma is an innovation-driven, global leader in sourcing, warehousing and distribution of quality CGMP APIs to leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies. LGM specializes in streamlining API supply chain management through all phases of R&D, clinical development and commercialization, ensuring technical competence and adherence to clients’ timelines and specifications while providing expert guidance to navigate complex global regulatory submission strategies. For more information, visit lgmpharma.com.


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