Liraglutide diabetes control is proven and leads to weight loss

Liraglutide diabetes control is proven and leads to weight loss

Liraglutide Diabetes Control

LiraglutideLiraglutide is a newly developed drug that is used to control the levels of blood glucose in patients suffering from type 2 Diabetes. In January 2010, the US Food and Drug Administration approved this drug for the treatment of patients with diabetes. Liraglutide was approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) in 2009. Researchers have confirmed the efficacy of Liraglutide in lowering weight and blood sugar levels of patients suffering with early type 2 Diabetes.

Usefulness of Liraglutide

Just like Byetta, Liraglutide is an analog of a glucagon like peptide known as GLP-1 that can stimulate the pancreas to expand beta cells. These beta cells produce insulin. Recent researches have shown that unlike Byetta, that causes serious side effects of pancreatitis, Liraglutide is a safer medicine.

Liraglutide helps patients by controlling hyperglycemia and by increasing insulin secretion in diabetic patients. This drug efficiently reduces the secretion of prandial glucagon, and helps patients to digest their meal without causing any abrupt increase in blood sugar. This drug is safe against hyperglycemia risks because it stimulates insulin secretion in the pancreas only when the concentration of blood sugar is abnormally higher. Recent scientific research has shown that Liraglutide can increase the number of insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas by reducing the apoptosis of beta cells. The drug is efficient in reducing triglyceride levels as well as controlling Type 2 Diabetes patients’ appetites, leading to significant weight loss.

Recent Studies and results

During a study on mice in 2009, researchers observed that Liraglutide may cause malignant C-cell carcinoma and thyroid C-cell focal hyperplasia that may result in thyroid cancer in mice and rats. However, studies have established that Liraglutide is safe for humans. In January 2010, Liraglutide was approved by the FDA for administering to adult diabetic patients.

Researchers have also established that Liraglutide is safe against any risks of hyperglycemia because it remains inactive during periods when blood sugar concentrations are normal. Thus, while Liraglutide can be efficiently used to reduce the levels of blood glucose, it cannot cause any harm by lowering the glucose concentration below normal levels.

Availability of Liraglutide

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