Gliptins Give Researchers a Pleasant Cardiovascular Surprise

Gliptins Give Researchers a Pleasant Cardiovascular Surprise

gliptinsDDP-4 inhibitors, commonly known as Gliptins, are a relatively new group of drugs. They are drugs normally used for diabetes control, however, this year it was discovered that they may play a greater heart-protective role in patients with existing cardiovascular comorbidities.

According to the report published last month in Medpage Today, researchers found that patients being treated with the DDP-4 inhibitor class of drugs had a 30% cardiovascular event risk reduction. Dr. Manucci of the Diabetes Agency at Careggi Teaching Hospital in Florence, Italy reports that these findings were evident in the meta-analyses involving 53 clinical trials and 33,000 patients.

The discovery was met with startled albeit pleasant reactions by researchers since they were initially seeking evidence for the antidiabetic drugs’ associated cardiovascular risks rather than its cardioprotective effects. The initial meta-analyses was spurred on by the FDA’s stringent requirements on drug companies to limit all diabetic drugs’ risk of cardiovascular events to less than 30% in comparison with placebo.

The results of the meta-analyses do not explain the mechanism by which the gliptins protect the heart, however, the news of the drugs’ cardioprotective effects are encouraging enough to those in the health and pharmaceutical industry. Doctors now have another solid reason to prescribe these drugs in lieu of the other hypoglycemic agents which come with unwanted cardiovascular risks. Scientists, drug companies and drug suppliers are encouraged by these results, and now have a renewed purpose to purchase these drugs from LGM Pharma, as well as research institutions looking to investigate them for possible cardiovascular protective indications.

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