Fenofibrate Safe for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Fenofibrate Safe for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

fenofibrateFenofibrate, CAS number 49562-28-9, is known as the brand name Lipofen, which is marketed by Cipher-Kowa Pharmaceuticals. The patent for Lipofen is due to expire on January 10, 2015. Other recognizable brands of fenofibrate are Tricor, which has a patent expiration of January 9, 2018 and Antara, which has a patent expiration set for August 20, 2020. As an antilipemic agent, fenofibrate is effective at speeding up the natural processes in the body that remove cholesterol. Fenofibrate is typically prescribed help lower “bad” cholesterol and fats, like LDL and triglycerides, and raise “good” cholesterol, or HDL in the blood. A proper diet and exercise is suggested to complement the use of Fenofibrate to assure the medication has the ability to work as effectively as possible.

There are several varieties of fenofibrate, such as capsules, tablets and long acting or delayed release capsules. Lipofen, which is the upcoming patent to expire, is offered in 50 and 150 milligram capsules, designed to be taken once daily after a meal. Side effects are possible when taking fenofibrate, and may include rhinitis, back pain, nausea, headache, constipation and nausea. As alcohol raises triglyceride levels, it is prudent for patients taking fenofibrate to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages, as to not counteract the medical benefits of this drug.

Effects of fenofibrate on amputations
Relative risk
95% confidence
p value
Microvascular amputations 47% 8-70% 0.025
Macrovascular amputations 23% -21-51% 0.26
All first amputations 38% 10-57% 0.011

Fenofibrate has received promising study results as of late. On June 1, 2012 a five year study coined Fenofibrate Intervention and Event Lowering in Diabetes, or FIELD, deemed fenofibrate a safe and effectual treatment for patients with type 2 diabetes. Results from this study, which compared fenofibrate to placebo in patients aged 50-75 years with type 2 diabetes were encouraging. The results showed improved outcomes for patients in terms of reductions seen in cardiovascular disease events, non-fatal myocardial infarction, cardiovascular related hospital admissions and microvascular complications. Additionally, researchers found there to be no evidence of renal impairment for patients who were dosed with fenofibrate for this study. LGM Pharma is a supplier of the API fenofibrate for research and development purposes.


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