FDA Approves Dalbavancin for the Treatment of Acute Skin Infections

FDA Approves Dalbavancin for the Treatment of Acute Skin Infections

FDA Approved Dalbavancin CAS 171500-79-1 Acute Skin InfectionsExciting news was announced at the end of May 2014 from Durata Therapeutics with the FDA approval of Dalbavancin, their novel antibiotic treatment. Known as the brand name Dalvance, the FDA nod for Dalbavancin meets a current need for new, safe and efficacious antibiotics. Dalbavancin is officially approved to treat skin structure and bacterial skin infections in adults caused by gram-positive bacteria, which includes methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. As an effectual lipoglycopeptide, Dalbavancin works by interfering with cell wall synthesis, and is administered via an intravenous infusion. The IV infusion takes roughly thirty minutes to dispense, with the initial dose being 1000 milligrams. A follow up dose of 500 milligrams of Dalbavancin is administered one week after the first 1000 milligram dose.

Clinical trials showed Dalbavancin to be just as effective as Vancomycin for healing acute skin structure and bacterial skin infections. Adverse effects from Dalbavancin were uncommon, with the majority of complaints being diarrhea, nausea and headache. A rapid infusion of Dalbavancin should be avoided, however, due to a rare but possible risk of a reaction resembling red man syndrome. Dalbavancin will be available for clinicians as 500 milligram single use vials which need to be reconstituted with 25 milliliters of sterile water.

Studies of Dalbavancin have proven to be successful. One such study explored the treatment of acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections in older patients. These elderly patients suffered from cellulitis and had large lesions. The administration of Dalbavancin in these patients quickly elicited a substantial decrease in lesion size and abscesses proliferation. Additionally, patients with various subtypes of cellulitis showed similar positive outcomes after being administered with Dalbavancin. The option of outpatient dosing of Dalbavancin for patients offers a decrease in inpatient hospital stays, thus reducing overall risk of additional infections and also reducing the staggering cost of hospital care.

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