Enzalutamide Provides Profit and Hope

Enzalutamide Provides Profit and Hope

EnzalutamidePatients with late-stage prostate cancer stand to benefit greatly since the approval of Enzalutamide, CAS number 915087-33-1. Sales of the brand name of Enzalutamide, Xtandi, have recently proven to garnish sizable profits for Medivation, the biopharmaceutical parent of this wonder drug. The launch of Enzalutamide in Europe and Asia in upcoming months are projected to elicit potential profits exceeding three billion dollars over the next five years. What makes this novel treatment so successful is that it is efficacious for treating male patients with both metastatic and castration-resistant prostate cancer. Candidates who receive this potent medication include men who have recurrent prostate cancer, and whether they have had testosterone therapy does not make a difference in their subsequent treatment success with Enzalutamide.

In the year 2012 there were 242,000 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed in American men. Of these patients roughly 28,000 men did not survive their diagnosis. Patients who have previously received Docetaxel, CAS number 114977-28-5, and found limited or no success with treatment, find that Enzalutamide offers new hope for life extension. One large study of patients with advanced stages of prostate cancer indicated an average extension of survival of 18.4 months. In this aforementioned study there were 1,199 men involved, all of whom received Docetaxel without success. In addition to failed prior treatments, all of the men in this study had castration-resistant and metastatic prostate cancer in its end stages. The use of Enzalutamide for these patients not only offered  a year and a half additional survival time, but a decrease in prostate specific antigen serum levels was also documented-roughly an 89 percent decrease.

The adverse effects of treatment with Enzalutamide included anxiety, back pain, headache, respiratory infections, tissue swelling and general fatigue and weakness. Only about one percent of patients involved in studies of Enzalutamide needed to stop taking this formidable medication due to seizure activity. The FDA has required that Medivation carry out a study using Enzalutamide in patients who have a high-risk for seizures, and this study is currently underway. Results are expected to be disseminated in early 2019.

LGM Pharma provides API Enzalutamide for research and development purposes. Clients can be assured of continuous support throughout the R&D process, as well as quality API products.


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