Elacridar – A Unique Delivery System Fighting Chemotherapy Resistance

Elacridar – A Unique Delivery System Fighting Chemotherapy Resistance

Elacridar, an ABCB1 modulator acting as a drug transporter, has been proven to have beneficial effects on the resistance of cancer cells to standard chemotherapeutic agents. This unique delivery system makes resistant cancers more susceptible to standard chemotherapeutic regimen. A study done by Ho Lun Wong et al


showed beneficial results when Elacridar was used in patients with multidrug-resistant breast cancer. Elacridar has also been studied with chemotherapeutic agents for glioblastoma, lung cancer and ovarian cancer. Furthermore, the drug exhibited favorable results when used with Topotecan, Irinotecan, Imatinib, Paclitaxel, Docetaxel, Epirubicin, Doxorubicin, Gemcitabine and several other Anti-Cancer/Oncology agents.

Since Elacridar functions as a drug transporter, a variety of applications has been proposed. In a study done by Martina Hubensack et al, entitled “Effect of the ABCB1 modulators Elacridar and Tariquidar on the distribution of Paclitaxel in nude mice”, it was found that Elacridar was 80 times more effective compared to older modulators. As an adjunct to present medications applied for a variety of diseases there is a need for higher effective drug concentrations at target sites.  Higher effective drug concentrations means a lower dose of a particular drug is needed in order to achieve the similar effect compared to when given without a transporter. Consequently, lower doses means lower incidence of adverse effects, better patient tolerability and most importantly an improved cost-effectiveness.

In the rapidly evolving field of cancer treatment, concerns regarding drug efficacy are always at the forefront. Patients and doctors have never stopped looking for the best cancer treatment options. This is because no single drug works the same for all cancer patients. Although cancer is widely recognized in the medical world, it doesn’t mean it is thoroughly understood. In fact, cancer remains an enigma to many scientists. Researches in the last decade have found that there are certain subsets of cancers that are resistant to existing chemotherapeutic agents. This is why scientists and pharmaceutical firms recognize the urgent need for anti-cancer drugs that target cancer cells specifically.

LGM Pharma recognizes the number of human lives lost to cancer each year and the billions of dollars spent on cancer treatments. LGM Pharma is a distibutor of various chemotherapeutic/anti-neoplastic active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) such as Elacridar CAS# 143664-11-3, Topotecan CAS# 123948-87-7, Paclitaxel CAS# 33069-62-4 and Doxorubicin CAS# 23214-92-8.

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