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Antiparkinson Agent

Intended for patients experiencing post herpetic neuralgia, or pain after shingles, gabapentin is unique by design. Known as the brand name Gralise, which is marketed by Depomed and Abbott, this form of gabapentin is specifically made as an oral, once-a-day prescription medication, which offers 24-hour pain control for people with after-shingles pain. Gabapentin, CAS number[…]

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Memantine Hydrochloride, CAS number 41100-52-1, is an effective oral medication for treating patients with Alzheimer’s disease. LGM Pharma can provide the Memantine Hydrochloride TEVA API for compounding purposes in the US, and offers a full range of support and services to it’s clients. Memantine is the first in a new and formidable class of Alzheimer’s[…]

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