Canada Approves Teriflunomide for Multiple Sclerosis

Canada Approves Teriflunomide for Multiple Sclerosis

Teriflunomide 163451-81-8On November 22, 2013 Health Canada approved the novel once daily pill Teriflunomide for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. Approved by the FDA in September of 2012, this efficacious drug is targeted for treating patients with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, or RRMS. The ease of use for this 14 milligram pill, taken only once a day, is an extremely viable option for patients who cannot tolerate painful injectable treatments. Clinical trials of Teriflunomide have been successful for the hard to treat group of patients with RRMS. When compared to patients who received a placebo, the relapse rate for those patients who were given Teriflunomide was 30 percent lower than the placebo patient group.

JACK OSBOURNE Dancing with the StarsMultiple sclerosis has recently been in the spotlight worldwide with Jack Osbourne, son of Ozzy Osbourne performing on Dancing with the Stars. Publicly declaring his battle with MS has been a difficult experience for the son of this iconic celebrity. Jack has made it to the finale of the dancing show, which aired November 25, 2013, amid many physical challenges throughout the competition. Patients with MS experience a multitude of debilitating symptoms, such as blindness, severe impairment of movement, loss of nerve sensations, difficulty with basic coordination and fuzzy thinking. Those patients with RRMS have exacerbated symptoms of this detrimental disease, and the treatment option of Teriflunomide essential for their ability to live the best life possible. As an autoimmune and chronic, inflammatory disease, the cases of MS are estimated to effect roughly 350,000 people in the United States and 2.5 million people worldwide.

A map of multiple sclerosis by latitudeTeriflunomide is marketed as the brand name drug Aubagio, and has proven thus far to be successful at reducing the physical exacerbations of RRMS in patients. Canadian health officials recently approved Teriflunomide based specifically on data from two Phase III trials titled TEMSO {Teriflunomide Multiple Sclerosis Oral} and TOWER {Teriflunomide Oral in people With relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis}. The TEMSO trial showed a promising result from the patients treated with Teriflunomide as compared to the patients given a placebo. Those people administered with 14 milligrams once daily of Teriflunomide {Aubagio} had a reduction in relapse rate and disability progression of 2 years, compared to the patient population who received a placebo. The TOWER trial was also encouraging, as the annual relapse rate and time to disability progression was sustained for 12 weeks in comparison to the placebo group. Adverse effects from Teriflunomide were small, with diarrhea, nausea and hair loss being the most common side effects reported.

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