Can Testosterone Be Used As a Preventative Treatment For Type 2 Diabetes In Men?

Can Testosterone Be Used As a Preventative Treatment For Type 2 Diabetes In Men?

diabetes-researchIs Testosterone a potential preventative treatment for type 2 diabetes? Researchers at the University of Adelaide in Australia are hopeful that their latest research will be the kick-start for trials of testosterone as a preventative for this encompassing from of diabetes. Results from early stages of this current study, which were discussed at the 10th International Congress of Andrology in late February 2013, are hopeful and encouraging. Coined “The Wittert Study”, after Gary Wittert who is the leader of this study, this study is banking on being the first of many to address the worldwide epidemic of type 2 diabetes by using testosterone as a preventative treatment.

TestosteroneAccording to the National Institutes of Health approximately 5 million American men do not produce enough of the hormone Testosterone CAS# 58-22-0.  This data, coupled with the rising interest from men in testosterone replacement therapies makes the use of this API a win-win for researchers and patients. Axiron is one example of these highly profitable testosterone replacement therapies. With Lilly’s patent due to expire on February 19, 2017, Axiron generated over $48 million dollars in profit in 2011, making this drug a blockbuster in America and even worldwide. In Australia prescriptions for testosterone are copious, as described by David Handelsman, a professor of medicine at the University of Sydney. Professor Handelsman stated in regard to men and testosterone replacements, “They think testosterone is the essence of manhood and it will prolong their youthful vigor forever.” Handelsman, who is currently researching male reproductive health also stated, “They’re persuaded because sex sells and anything to do with sex and reproduction is easy to market.” The mood elevating side effect of testosterone replacement is a boon for patients, as well,  as is the ease of use. Currently testosterone replacement therapies are available in injectable forms, as well as gels, patches and pills.

IDF-Diabetes-AtlasThe International Diabetes Federation has stated that the cost to treat type 2 diabetes worldwide now hovers at 471 billion dollars. In the United States alone, 90-95 percent of the cases of Diabetes are Type 2, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This number translates into one out of every ten adults in the U.S., but predictions from the CDC are ominous. By the year 2050 the CDC estimates that nearly one out of every three adults in the United States could have Type 2 Diabetes, putting the medical and pharmaceutical industry under great demands. These dire figures have led Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council to commit $4.6 million dollars to a study which will establish whether testosterone is a safe and efficacious treatment to be used along with diet to mitigate diabetes in older men.

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