Behind the Scenes with LGM Pharma’s API Sourcing Team

Behind the Scenes with LGM Pharma’s API Sourcing Team

Running a marathon is just like what we do here at LGM Pharma – and in more ways than one, as it turns out.

First, the obvious:

Both API sourcing and marathon running are a long game...Both API sourcing and marathons are a long game. Marathons are 26.2 miles long (or longer) – and drug development & commercialization (and therefore API sourcing) is measured in years. They all require endurance – relying heavily on a runner’s (or bio/pharma company’s) long-term fitness, health and focus.

3 Criteria of Successful API Procurement
In fact, two members of our Sourcing & Procurement team – Lina Cogan and Selwyn Lustman – are actually marathon runners. They would be the first to tell you (if you asked) that successful marathon running demands three things:

  • Proper equipment
  • Proper planning
  • Proper mindset.

And – as team members who travel the world, evaluating API manufacturers and working closely with compounding & drug development clients – they would also share with you the 3 criteria common to successful API procurement and drug development projects. Oddly enough, they are:

  • Proper equipment (e.g., capacity, capabilities)
  • Proper planning (e.g., strategic planning, risk management)
  • Proper mindset (e.g., technical know-how, strategic, goal-oriented focus)

Well, how about that?

API Sourcing & Procurement
But what does LGM Pharma’s dedicated sourcing & procurement team actually do? You’ve probably never really thought about the details of how those APIs are found, validated and imported to your lab.

Today we’re parting the curtain and sharing what happens behind the scenes in LGM Pharma’s sourcing department.

For every API project, we start with learning about your needs. Our process is consultative, so we want to know all the details of your project and the timeline for development or commercialization.

Once we’ve had an opportunity to learn whether we can help, the API Sourcing & Procurement team gets to work. We use our global network of suppliers to identify the most suitable manufacturers for your project. And since we’ve spent years building relationships (just like training for a marathon), we’ve assembled an exhaustive database to match your drug candidate with the right supply chain resources.

Our team is your key to finding the right supplier match. Why? Because they manage an extensive vendor qualification process which involves strict adherence to quality assurance and regulatory criteria.

Who are your LGM sourcing stars?

LGM Pharma Procurement Team
Selwyn Lustman heads up LGM Pharma’s four member API Sourcing & Procurement team. Selwyn Lustman heads up LGM Pharma’s four member API Sourcing & Procurement team. Lina Cogan recently joined the team in Israel. Here are short profiles of our newest team member and our team lead.

Selwyn is our Senior VP Sourcing & Procurement and as we mentioned, a marathon runner. He’s also a fan of the UK football Premier League team Newcastle United, which his three children sometimes allow him to watch.

Selwyn focuses on compounding customers. He concentrates on identifying & qualifying manufacturers, supporting Q&A and compliance activities while overseeing CPA.

Lina Cogan recently joined the LGM Pharma team in Israel. Accomplished biochemist Lina Cogan is Senior Director Global Sourcing & Procurement and also a distance runner. With three young children and a dog, she favors half-marathons – which take less time.

In between her long distance runs, she explores Tel Aviv’s eclectic food scene and is a long-time painter. She continually applies the creative lessons learned from art to bypassing the challenges that can emerge during drug commercialization. For example, she found a path to speed up drug approval for a clozapine generic, shortening time to market and boosting revenue. At LGM, Lina is focused on drug development projects, special projects and business intelligence.

We caught up with Lina and Selwyn in between running – what else? – around for work, family & fun, and asked two questions.

  1. What are some of the big challenges facing the drug industry today?
    Lina points to growing supply chain uncertainties, with drug companies paying much closer attention to sourcing issues. China exemplifies this, with environmental or other enforcement actions shutting down API and intermediate supply chains without warning.
    Selwyn agrees.
    “Drug development is inherently unpredictable. Challenges can emerge – and not just on the drug development side. From a supply standpoint, when there’s only a single source of an intermediate or API, there’s nothing to be done. Planning for the unexpected is key. If we can determine if there’s a pending shortage, for example, we can manage the risk by ordering or manufacturing additional material.”
    Lina has seen it play out firsthand.
    “Working with a sole supplier of a product in China, everyone was surprised when – without notice – the government ordered the facility shut down in order to build a road. The impact was real: the product was a generic, whose cheaper price had made the drug more patient-accessible. Those gains were lost straightaway.”
  1. You two travel all over the world, meeting with companies and suppliers. What are your favorite travel destinations?
    Lina: Definitely Manhattan. Yes, of course it’s to visit family – but also for everything else New York is famous for!
    Selwyn: The U.S. has great shopping and LGM Pharma’s Florida offices are beautiful. I also always feel incredibly welcome when travelling in China. For tea and cricket, however, I’d pick India…specifically Hyderabad – where both the traffic & tea are better than in Mumbai. (Pro-tip: stick with taxis!)


Contact LGM Pharma to learn more about how a sourcing partner can help your company, and to discuss your API sourcing needs.

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