Anti-Smoking Therapy Varenicline Tartrate Still Best Option

Anti-Smoking Therapy Varenicline Tartrate Still Best Option

Recent study data revealed from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota reaffirmed the efficacy and tolerability of Varenicline for helping patients stop smoking. Known as the brand name Chantix, which has a patent expiration of May 10, 2020, the drug Varenicline has been proven to be successful as a single agent. On January 15, 2014 the Journal of the American Medical Association offered data from studies which combined both Varenicline with Bupropion. While clinical trial participants did experience a boost the first few weeks from this combination treatment, in terms of controlling their smoking need, the adjunctive use of Bupropion did not increase the efficacy of Varenicline in the long term. There were approximately 315 adults who were smokers, and randomized to either the Varenicline and Bupropion group or the Varenicline only patient population. When patients who were administered Varenicline as a single agent for smoking cessation were compared to patients who were given the combination of Varenicline and Bupropion the results were the same at the conclusion of one year. Varenicline demonstrated its formidable power, despite the addition of the anti-anxiety drug Bupropion.


The exploration of smoking cessation drugs is essential to meet the needs of current smokers. Smoking accounts for 62 percent of deaths in female smokers and 60 percent of deaths among the male smoking population. The issue of tobacco dependence is extremely important to address, for maintaining the health and well-being of people worldwide. Yale University has estimated that anti-smoking practices and smoking cessation drugs, like Varenicline, have led to a decrease in smoking related deaths. Experts at Yale have revealed that the practices implored in the United States since 1964 have saved eight million people in the United States from smoking related casualties, and added almost two extra decades of life for the now former smokers.


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