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How to Avoid a Quality Failure: Pharmaceutical Supplier Evaluation
Pharmaceutical supply chains and processes have been subjected to some fairly severe stresses over these...
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Patent Cliff 2.0: How to Leverage the 351(k) Pathway for Biosimilars
More than $198 billion in global prescription drug sales are at risk from patent expirations between...
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Looking for Compounding Pharmacy API Suppliers? 5 Things You Need to Know
According to the U.S. GAO, compounded drugs account for about 1-3% of all U.S. prescriptions. Compounding...
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Suppository Dosage Form: Benefits and Challenges
Suppositories aren’t sexy – let’s just acknowledge that point right upfront. Science can be sexy, in...
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Developing Better Vaccines: The Rise of Novel Adjuvants
While COVID-19 has put a spotlight on the biopharma industry, the light hit squarely on vaccines this...
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The Differences Between Purchasing Tactics & Procurement Strategy
Drawing on almost two decades of experience, I have learned some fundamental differences between Purchasing...
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