2014 Study Reveals Rosuvastatin Calcium Most Effectual Post Heart Attack

2014 Study Reveals Rosuvastatin Calcium Most Effectual Post Heart Attack

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Rosuvastatin Calcium, known as the brand name Crestor, has a patent expiration of August 4, 2020. Recent study data revealed that patients who received the high potency statin Rosuvastatin after a heart attack had a high survival rate. This study from the Cardiovascular division at the University of Dundee Medical School compared Ezetimibe with higher doses of the statin Rosuvastatin in thousands of patients in the U.K. Results from this comprehensive study demonstrated that those patients who were administered higher dosages of Rosuvastatin, in lieu of commonly dispensed Ezetimibe, after a cardiac event lived considerably longer.

rosuvastatin calciumEven the now generic statin Atorvastatin proved to be a more effectual option for treatment after a heart attack when compared to current standard care Ezetimibe. Results from this landmark study were published in the Heart journal online and included a substantial number of participants. Of the 9, 597 patients who participated 6,990 were initially dispensed Simvastatin {Ezetimibe} and 724 people were given an Ezetimibe combination treatment. A total of 1, 883 patients were switched in the early stages of the study to Rosuvastatin, the higher potency statin. The study participants were followed for roughly 3 years from their initial heart attack and study enrollment. Findings were extremely positive for the group of participants who received the high potency statin Rosuvastatin, as these patients had a 28 percent lower risk of death as compared to their study counterparts.

Rosuvastatin is a viable HMG CoA reductase inhibitor, and works by not only lowering low-density lipoprotein, but it also lowers levels of triglycerides and increases high-density lipoprotein levels in the blood. Patients with liver or kidney disease, diabetes, a thyroid disorder or are of Chinese descent should be monitored with caution when given Rosuvastatin.  Adverse effects from Rosuvastatin are uncommon, and minor side effects may include muscle aches, nausea and mild indigestion.

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