Get Your API from Manufacturer to Doorstep with LGM Pharma Logistics

LGM Pharma API sourcing logistics provides on-time compliance

Finding a quality source of API is only half the battle. Moving active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) through a complex chain of custody while maintaining regulatory compliance is critical to the success of your project. The LGM Pharma logistics team has 15+ years of experience in import and clearance, and in just the last 3 years we’ve managed 6000+ deliveries for our customers. Our specialized sourcing team is located in Beit Shemesh, Israel, ideally situated between the US and Europe/Asia; with warehousing capability across Europe and a centrally located GMP warehouse in the US, we’ve got you covered.

Benefits of Our API Logistics Support

Most of the time, you only know logistics is doing its job when you don’t hear about it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard work. Our logistics team is continuously monitoring shipments and works in ongoing collaboration with Quality, Sourcing, and Account Management to ensure on-time delivery of your high-quality API.

Specialized API Sourcing Logistics Expertise

With its fingers on the pulse of the market to stay up-to-date with trends, LGM Pharma finds the  most expedient path for your API – all while maintaining compliance. Our specialized Israel-based team handles international logistics in concert with our US-based team, which is well-versed in clearance and import processes, and maintains close relationships with local carriers.

Chain of Custody Commitments

Our team monitors shipments across the entire chain of custody and conducts robust quality reviews upon arrival at our U.S. GMP warehouse, including for documentation, labels, and packaging, and ensuring all SOPs are up to date. We are committed to quality every step of the way — from the moment we qualify API manufacturers, through storage at our warehouses, to the arrival of API at your door.

Our Collaborative Approach

Core to LGM Pharma’s approach is collaboration – internally, with customers, and with partners. Cross-disciplinary weekly meetings with Sourcing, Logistics, QA, and Account Management identify and resolve problems quickly and before they become an issue for our customers. The entire team is laser-focused on supplier timelines, compliance, and keeping customers fully in the loop.

The LGM Pharma logistics team has 15+ years of experience in import and clearance, and in just the last 3 years has managed 6000+ deliveries for our customers.