Company History

Nearly 100 Years of Pharma Outsourcing Solutions

Two origin stories, one vision: quality-driven client service

Today, LGM Pharma is a global leader in sourcing APIs and manufacturing quality drug products for hundreds of clients, across a wide breadth of dosage systems.

All of that began a century ago, when two brothers founded what would become LGM Pharma’s contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) offering. Initially, the brothers manufactured effective, physician-administered capsules from the active components of natural foods. By the 1940s, the quality and reliability of their operation attracted the attention of the US government, which contracted them to supply medics on the front lines of World War II with much-needed pharmaceuticals.

In the post-war years, the company’s reputation grew as they expanded their capacity to manufacture both pharmaceuticals and high-quality dietary supplements. Today, we operate advanced CDMO facilities in 3 states, accounting for over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity. From those food-based capsules in the 1920s to just about every possible pharmaceutical dosage form now, our focus on quality and reliability has never wavered.

Meanwhile, a different family duo planted the seeds of LGM Pharma’s white-glove API sourcing operation. Cousins and co-founders Mendy and Gideon Schurder learned the art and science of successful API sales from their grandfather, Loek Schurder, who operated a sought-after API raw materials sourcing and distribution organization in the U.K. In 2005, Mendy founded LGM Pharma in the U.S. and Gideon did the same in Israel. Together, they built their company into a leading provider of high-quality APIs from around the world.

In 2020, these API and CDMO entities merged, fulfilling LGM Pharma’s vision of truly integrated, end-to-end service delivery. We’ve never lost the entrepreneurial drive that motivated a pair of brothers with a vision for superior drug manufacturing, or grandsons with a legacy of API sourcing, to carry forward. These deep roots help us to understand the challenges that our clients face as they seek to establish their own success stories. Our focus on delivering tailored, quality-driven service is in our DNA, and it’s part of every successful API procurement and regulatory submission and drug product launch we navigate on behalf of our clients.

Company Timeline

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