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Dactinomycin: An Old Chemotherapy API with New Demand


Dactinomycin: CAS No: 50-76-0 No: 50-76-0 Dactinomycin (or actinomycin D) was the very first known antibiotic that helped fend off cancer. It’s now a standard chemotherapy medication being used to treat a variety of tumorous diseases. Doctors will typically reach for dactinomycin for sarcoma, ovarian cancer, and Wilm’s tumor.  It can also be used with certain types of neoplasia and skin moles. The[…]

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2017 CPhI North America – Exhibitor Showcase Sponsors

LGM Pharma, Press Release, Trade Shows & Events

2017 CPhI North America assembled leading pharmaceutical professionals to provide a forum for solving some of the pharmaceutical industry’s most pressing challenges. One of the highlights of the 2017 CPhI North America conference was LGM Pharma’s presentation at the Exhibitor Showcase. The presenter was LGM Pharma’s Commercial Director, Gideon Schurder. He gave an in-depth look[…]

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Sumatriptan: An Effective Choice to Fight Migraines and Cluster Headaches

Anti-Migraine, Compounding API

Sumatriptan CAS #: 103628-46-2 Sumatriptan is an API that works with the serotonin neurons in the brain to fight migraines and cluster headaches. By constricting the blood vessels in the brain back to their normal size and preventing the trigeminal nerve from firing at full force, sumatriptan is designed to stop symptoms as soon as they start.[…]

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Donepezil HCl – Alleviating Dementia Symptoms

Anti-Alzheimer's, Antidimentia

Donepezil HCl CAS #: 120011-70-3 Donepezil HCl was first approved in the US by the FDA in 1983. It’s since seen tremendous success with the branded version of the API (Aricept) becoming the number-one selling medication for treatment of Alzheimer’s since 2011. According to current data, the brand is still very strong, worth close to[…]

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Cetrorelix: A Fertility Drug that Shows Promise to Treat Pregnant Women with PCOS in the Future

Hormonal Agent, Synthetic Peptide

Cetrorelix CAS No: 120287-85-6 Cetrorelix is traditionally used as fertility API that binds to a hormone receptor to stop gonadotropin secretion. While it may be associated with women undergoing ovarian stimulation, it appears as though there’s more to this API that meets the eye. This synthetic decapeptide is being studied to help with a variety of conditions, including the[…]

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Sirolimus Provides Protection for the Heart, Kidneys, and Lungs


Sirolimus CAS No: 53123-88-9 First discovered in 1972 and approved by the FDA in 1999, sirolimus can be used for a variety of disorders and medical events, including organ transplant procedures, lung disease, and heart protection. By suppressing the immune system, patients who have recently received a new organ have a better chance of their body accepting[…]

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Apomorphine HCl: A Promising Drug to Help Parkinson’s Patients


Apomorphine HCl CAS: 41372-20-7 Apomorphine HCl is a versatile API commonly associated with treating Parkinson’s disease. When those who suffer from Parkinson’s have difficulty walking or speaking, they can take apomorphine as a means to gain control over their movements. It can’t prevent the episodes, but it can make it easier to handle the symptoms[…]

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Joseph Gelfand Joins LGM Pharma as VP of Supply Chain and Sales Operations

LGM Pharma, Press Release

ERLANGER, Kentucky / BOCA RATON, Florida — LGM Pharma, an innovation-driven active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) company, headquartered in Erlanger, Kentucky with offices in Florida, New Jersey and Israel recently announced the appointment of Mr. Joseph Gelfand as Vice President of Supply Chain and Sales Operations at the Boca Raton, Florida location. In this capacity, Mr.[…]

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A Controversial API with Plenty of Promise: Naltrexone

Anti-Obesity Product, Chemotherapeutic / Anti-Neoplastic, Drug Research & Development API

Naltrexone is typically administered to those who have a history of substance abuse, namely opiates or alcohol. The drug works to block the intensity of the drugs, so people are less likely to associate them with euphoria or pain relief. Because drug use in this country is still so stigmatized, it’s difficult to separate public[…]

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Octreotide Acetate: Managing Growth-Release Hormones to Reduce Symptoms and Promote Balance

Hormonal Agent

Octreotide Acetate CAS #: 79517-01-04 Octreotide Acetate is prescribed for a variety of GI issues, mainly for severe diarrhea brought upon by carcinoid symptoms. Its designed to imitate the natural growth-hormone inhibitor in the body, which makes it easier for the endocrine system to do its job. This API limits the excess release of glucagon secretion and insulin, making[…]

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