Potassium Iodide

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Product Details:

  • CAS No: 7681-11-0
  • AHFC code:
  • Synonyms: AI3-52931, Asmofug E, Caswell No. 694, CCRIS 8168, Dipotassium diiodide, EINECS 231-659-4, EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 075701, HSDB 5040, Iodure de potassium, Iosat, Joptone, K1-N, Kali iodide, Kalii iodidum, Kalium iodatum, Kisol, Knollide, NSC 77362, Pima, Potassium diiodide, Potassium iodide, Potassium iodide (K(I2)), Potassium iodide (K2I2), Potassium iodide (K3I3), Potassium iodide (KI), Potassium monoiodide, Potide, Thyro-Block, Thyrosafe, Thyroshield, Tripotassium triiodide, UNII-1C4QK22F9J
  • ATC Code:
  • Chemical Formula: KI
  • Molecular Weight: 166.0028
  • Assay/Purity: Typically NLT 98%
  • DrugBank:
  • SMILES: [K+].[I-]
  • InChl: 1S/HI.K/h1H;/q;+1/p-1
  • PubChem: 4875
  • IUPAC: Potassium iodide, Potassium iodide (KI)

Additional Details

Potassium Iodide is oral antithyroid agent. Potassium Iodide is used as an adjunct to other antithyroid agents in the treatment of hyperthyroidism and thyrotoxicosis and preoperatively to induce thyroid involution.
It works in the thyroid gland. By inhibiting thyroid hormone synthesis and release, thyroid gland vascularity is reduced, thyroid gland tissue becomes firmer, thyroid cell size is reduced, follicular colloid reaccumulates, and bound iodine levels increase. As a protectant following radiation exposure, KI blocks the uptake of radioactive iodine isotopes by the thyroid gland thereby minimizing the risk of radiation-induced thyroid neoplasms.
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