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Product Details:

  • CAS No: 124-87-8
  • AHFC code: 92:02.00*
  • Synonyms:
  • ATC Code:
  • Chemical Formula: C19H21N5O2
  • Molecular Weight: 602.5832
  • Assay/Purity: Typically NLT 98%
  • DrugBank: DB00466 (APRD00269)
  • SMILES: CC(=C)[C,,H]1C2OC(=O)C1[C,]1(O)CC3O[C,]33C(=O)O[C,H]2[C,]13C.CC(C)(O)[C,,H]1C2OC(=O)C1[C,]1(O)C[C,H]3O[C,]33C(=O)O[C,H]2[C,]13C
  • PubChem: 5360688
  • IUPAC:

Additional Details

Used internally for relieving respiratory distress. Also for use as an antidote in poisoning by CNS depressants, especially barbiturates.
Picrotoxin is a toxin obtained from the seeds of the shrub Anamirta cocculus. It is used as a central nervous system stimulant, antidote, convulsant, and GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) antagonist. It is a noncompetitive antagonist at GABAA receptors and thus a convulsant. Picrotoxin blocks the GABAActivated chloride ionophore. Although it is most often used as a research tool, it has been used as a CNS stimulant and an antidote in poisoning by CNS depressants, especially barbiturates.
Mode of Action:
Picrotoxin antagonizes the GABAA receptor channel directly, which is a ligand-gated ion channel concerned chiefly with the passing of chloride ions across the cell membrane. Therefore picrotoxin prevents Cl- channel permeability and thus promtes an inhibitory influence on the target neuron. Picrotoxin reduces conductance through the channel by reducing not only the opening frequency but also the mean open time. Picrotoxin also antagonizes GABAC receptors (also called GABAA-rho receptors) but the result of this action is not known. The GABAC receptor is also linked to chloride channels, with distinct physiological and pharmacological properties. In contrast to the fast and transient responses elicited from GABAA receptors, GABAC receptors mediate slow and sustained responses.
Oral, mouse: LD50 = 15 mg/kg. In large doses it is a powerful poison, causing unconsciousness, delirium, convulsions, gastro-enteritis and stimulation of the respiratory centre followed by paralysis, from which death sometimes results.
General Reference:
Link Ehrenberger K, Benkoe E, Felix D: Suppressive action of picrotoxin, a GABA antagonist, on labyrinthine spontaneous nystagmus and vertigo in man. Acta Otolaryngol. 1982 Mar-Apr;93(3-4):269-73. Pubmed
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