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Product Details:

  • CAS No: 520-85-4
  • AHFC code: 08:32.0
  • Synonyms: CBP-1011 Hydroxymethylprogesterone Medroprogesterone Acetate Medrossiprogesterone [Dcit] Medroxiprogesterona [INN-Spanish] Medroxiprogesteronum Medroxyprogesteron Medroxyprogesteron acetate Medroxyprogesteronum [INN-Latin]
  • ATC Code: G03AC06 G03DA02 L02AB02
  • Chemical Formula: C5H4N4S
  • Molecular Weight: 344.4877
  • Assay/Purity: Typically NLT 98%
  • DrugBank: DB00603 (APRD00627)
  • SMILES: C[C,H]1C[C,H]2[C,,H]3CC[C,](O)(C(C)=O)[C,,]3(C)CC[C,,H]2[C,,]2(C)CCC(=O)C=C12
  • PubChem: 10631
  • IUPAC: (1S,2R,8S,10R,11S,14R,15S)-14-acetyl-14-hydroxy-2,8,15-trimethyltetracyclo[^{2,7}.0^{11,15}]heptadec-6-en-5-one

Additional Details

Used as a contraceptive and to treat secondary amenorrhea, abnormal uterine bleeding, pain associated with endometriosis, endometrial and renal cell carcinomas, paraphilia in males, GnRH-dependent forms of precocious puberty, as well as to prevent endometrial changes associated with estrogens.
Medroxyprogesterone is a synthetic progestin more potent than progesterone.
Mode of Action:
Progestins diffuse freely into target cells in the female reproductive tract, mammary gland, hypothalamus, and the pituitary and bind to the progesterone receptor. Once bound to the receptor, progestins slow the frequency of release of gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) from the hypothalamus and blunt the pre-ovulatory LH surge.
Side effects include loss of bone mineral density, BMD changes in adult women, bleeding irregularities, cancer risks, and thromboembolic disorders.
General Reference:
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