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Product Details:

  • CAS No: 52468-60-7
  • AHFC code:
  • Synonyms: (E)-1-[Bis-(p-fluorophenyl)methyl]-4-cinnamylpiperazine 1-(Bis(4-fluorophenyl)methyl)-4-cinnamylpiperazine Flunarizina [inn-spanish] flunarizine dihydrochloride Flunarizine Hydrochloride Flunarizinum [inn-latin]
  • ATC Code: N07CA03
  • Chemical Formula: C11H11F3N2O3
  • Molecular Weight: 404.4948
  • Assay/Purity: Typically NLT 98%
  • DrugBank: DB04841
  • PubChem: 941361
  • IUPAC: 1-[bis(4-fluorophenyl)methyl]-4-[(2E)-3-phenylprop-2-en-1-yl]piperazine

Additional Details

Used in the prophylaxis of migraine, occlusive peripheral vascular disease, vertigo of central and peripheral origin, and as an adjuvant in the therapy of epilepsy.
Flunarizine is a selective calcium entry blocker with calmodulin binding properties and histamine H1 blocking activity.
Mode of Action:
Flunarizine inhibits the influx of extracellular calcium through myocardial and vascular membrane pores by physically plugging the channel. The decrease in intracellular calcium inhibits the contractile processes of smooth muscle cells, causing dilation of the coronary and systemic arteries, increased oxygen delivery to the myocardial tissue, decreased total peripheral resistance, decreased systemic blood pressure, and decreased afterload.
Hepatic, to two metabolites via N-dealylation and hydroxylation.
General Reference:
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