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Product Details:

  • CAS No: 211915-06-9
  • AHFC code: 20:12.04.12
  • Synonyms: beta-Alanine, N-((2-(((4-((((hexyloxy)carbonyl)amino)iminomethyl)phenyl)amino)methyl)-1-methyl-1H-benzimidazol-5-yl)carbonyl)-N-2-pyridinyl-, ethyl ester, BIBR 1048, BIBR 1048 BS RS1, Dabigatran etexilate, EC 606-722-8, Ethyl 3-(((2-(((4-((((hexyloxy)carbonyl)amino)iminomethyl)phenyl)amino)methyl)-1-methyl-1H-benzimidazol-5-yl)carbonyl)(pyridin-2-yl)amino)propanoate, Pradax, Pradaxa, Prazaxa, UNII-2E18WX195X
  • ATC Code: B01AE07
  • Chemical Formula: C34-H41-N7-O5
  • Molecular Weight: 627.7419
  • Assay/Purity: Typically NLT 98%
  • DrugBank: DB06695
  • SMILES: c1(ccc(cc1)NCc1n(c2c(n1)cc(cc2)C(=O)N(CCC(=O)OCC)c1ncccc1)C)C(=N)NC(=O)OCCCCCC
  • InChl: 1S/C34H41N7O5/c1-4-6-7-10-21-46-34(44)39-32(35)24-12-15-26(16-13-24)37-23-30-38-27-22-25(14-17-28(27)40(30)3)33(43)41(20-18-31(42)45-5-2)29-11-8-9-19-36-29/h8-9,11-17,19,22,37H,4-7,10,18,20-21,23H2,1-3H3,(H2,35,39,44)
  • PubChem: 6445226
  • IUPAC: beta-Alanin,N-((2-(((4-((((hexyloxy)carbonyl)amino)iminomethyl)phenyl)amino)methyl)-1-methyl-1H-benzimidazol-5-yl)carbonyl)-N-2-pyridinyl-ethylester Ethyl 3-(((2-(((4-((((hexyloxy)carbonyl)amino)iminomethyl)phenyl)amino)methyl)-1-methyl-1H-benzimidazol-5-yl)carbonyl)(pyridin-2-yl)amino)propanoate

Additional Details

Dabigatran is indicated for the prevention of venous thromboembolic events in patients who have undergone elective hip or knee replacement surgery (based on RE-NOVATE, RE-MODEL, and RE-MOBILIZE trials). In 2010, it was approved in the US and Canada for prevention of stroke and systemic embolism in patients with atrial fibrillation (approval based on the RE-LY trial). Contraindications: severe renal impairment (CrCL < 30 ml/min); haemorrhagic manifestations, bleeding diathesis or spontaneous or pharmacologic impairment of haemostasis; lesions at risk of clinically significant bleeding (e.g. extensive cerebral infarction (haemorrhagic or ischemic) in the last 6 months, active peptic ulcer disease); concomitant treatment with P-glycoprotein inhibitors (e.g. oral ketoconazole, verapamil); and those with known hypersensitivity to dabigatran, dabigatran etexilate or any ingredient used in the formulation or component of the container. As of December 2012, dabigatran is contraindicated in patients with mechanical prosthetic heart valves.
Dabigatran directly inhibits thrombin in a concentration-dependent, reversible, specific, and competitive manner which results in a prolongation of aPTT (partial thromboplastin time), ECT (Ecarin clotting time), and TT (thrombin time). It may increase INR but this laboratory parameter is relatively insensitive to the activity of dabigatran.
Mode of Action:
Dabigatran etexilate is an inactive pro-drug that is converted to dabigatran, the active form, by esterase-catalyzed hydrolysis in the plasma and liver. Dabigatran, the main active principle in plasma, is a rapid-acting competitive and reversible direct inhibitor of thrombin. Thrombin, a serine protease, is responsible for the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin in the coagulation cascade. Inhibition of thrombin consequently prevents thrombus development. Dabigatran inhibits free thrombin, fibrin-bound thrombin and thrombin-induced platelet aggregation.
CYP450 enzymes are not involved in the metabolism of dabigatran thus is not expected to interact with drugs metabolized by CYP isoenzymes. Dabigatran is typically metabolised by esterases and microsomal carboxylesterases. Pharmacologically active acylglucoronides are formed via conjugation. Four positional isomers, 1-O, 2-O, 3-O, and 4-O, acylglucuronides exist, each accounting for less than 10% of total plasma dabagatran.
The most common adverse reactions include dyspepsia or gastritis-like symptoms. The approximate lethal dose (LD50) in rats and mice was observed at single oral doses of > 2000 mg/kg. Oral doses of 600 mg/kg did not induce any toxicologically meaningful changes in dogs and Rhesus monkeys. Dabigatran was well-tolerated in rats and Rhesus monkeys during repeat-dose toxicity studies. No evidence of mutagenic potential.
General Reference:
Bauer KA: New oral anticoagulants in development: potential for improved safety profiles. Rev Neurol Dis. 2010;7(1):1-8. [PubMed:20410856 ] Connolly SJ, Ezekowitz MD, Yusuf S, Eikelboom J, Oldgren J, Parekh A, Pogue J, Reilly PA, Themeles E, Varrone J, Wang S, Alings M, Xavier D, Zhu J, Diaz R, Lewis BS, Darius H, Diener HC, Joyner CD, Wallentin L: Dabigatran versus warfarin in patients with atrial fibrillation. N Engl J Med. 2009 Sep 17;361(12):1139-51. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa0905561. Epub 2009 Aug 30. [PubMed:19717844 ] Wolowacz SE, Roskell NS, Plumb JM, Caprini JA, Eriksson BI: Efficacy and safety of dabigatran etexilate for the prevention of venous thromboembolism following total hip or knee arthroplasty. A meta-analysis. Thromb Haemost. 2009 Jan;101(1):77-85. [PubMed:19132192 ] Ginsberg JS, Davidson BL, Comp PC, Francis CW, Friedman RJ, Huo MH, Lieberman JR, Muntz JE, Raskob GE, Clements ML, Hantel S, Schnee JM, Caprini JA: Oral thrombin inhibitor dabigatran etexilate vs North American enoxaparin regimen for prevention of venous thromboembolism after knee arthroplasty surgery. J Arthroplasty. 2009 Jan;24(1):1-9. doi: 10.1016/j.arth.2008.01.132. Epub 2008 Apr 14. [PubMed:18534438 ] Eriksson BI, Dahl OE, Buller HR, Hettiarachchi R, Rosencher N, Bravo ML, Ahnfelt L, Piovella F, Stangier J, Kalebo P, Reilly P: A new oral direct thrombin inhibitor, dabigatran etexilate, compared with enoxaparin for prevention of thromboembolic events following total hip or knee replacement: the BISTRO II randomized trial. J Thromb Haemost. 2005 Jan;3(1):103-11. [PubMed:15634273 ] Di Nisio M, Middeldorp S, Buller HR: Direct thrombin inhibitors. N Engl J Med. 2005 Sep 8;353(10):1028-40. [PubMed:16148288 ] Stangier J, Eriksson BI, Dahl OE, Ahnfelt L, Nehmiz G, Stahle H, Rathgen K, Svard R: Pharmacokinetic profile of the oral direct thrombin inhibitor dabigatran etexilate in healthy volunteers and patients undergoing total hip replacement. J Clin Pharmacol. 2005 May;45(5):555-63. [PubMed:15831779 ] Ezekowitz MD, Reilly PA, Nehmiz G, Simmers TA, Nagarakanti R, Parcham-Azad K, Pedersen KE, Lionetti DA, Stangier J, Wallentin L: Dabigatran with or without concomitant aspirin compared with warfarin alone in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation (PETRO Study). Am J Cardiol. 2007 Nov 1;100(9):1419-26. Epub 2007 Aug 17. [PubMed:17950801 ] Eriksson BI, Dahl OE, Rosencher N, Kurth AA, van Dijk CN, Frostick SP, Kalebo P, Christiansen AV, Hantel S, Hettiarachchi R, Schnee J, Buller HR: Oral dabigatran etexilate vs. subcutaneous enoxaparin for the prevention of venous thromboembolism after total knee replacement: the RE-MODEL randomized trial. J Thromb Haemost. 2007 Nov;5(11):2178-85. [PubMed:17764540 ] Eriksson BI, Dahl OE, Rosencher N, Kurth AA, van Dijk CN, Frostick SP, Prins MH, Hettiarachchi R, Hantel S, Schnee J, Buller HR: Dabigatran etexilate versus enoxaparin for prevention of venous thromboembolism after total hip replacement: a randomised, double-blind, non-inferiority trial. Lancet. 2007 Sep 15;370(9591):949-56. [PubMed:17869635 ] Scaglione F: New oral anticoagulants: comparative pharmacology with vitamin K antagonists. Clin Pharmacokinet. 2013 Feb;52(2):69-82. doi: 10.1007/s40262-012-0030-9. [PubMed:23292752 ]
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