LGM Pharma COO Attends Event at the Florida Governor’s mansion

Mendy Schurder - COO LGM Pharma, Florida Governor Rick Scott, and First Lady Ann

Mendy Schurder – COO LGM Pharma, Florida Governor Rick Scott, and First Lady Ann

Newly elected Florida Governor Rick Scott and First Lady Ann hosted the annual Menorah Lighting at the Governor’s mansion on December 21, 2011.

Many guests came from throughout the state for the celebration, including our very own LGM Pharma COO, Mendy Schurder.

The event was covered by the local media and appeared in the news on TV and was on the front page of the newspaper the next day.

At the event, Shliach Rabbi Schneur Oirechman mentioned that Governor Scott is the 3rd Florida Governor to host this Menorah lighting, following annual Menorah lightings with Governors Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist. Oirechman thanked the Governor and First Lady for continuing the tradition.

Rabbi Oirechman wished the Governor continued success in his mission of spreading the light in the ‘Sunshine state’.

Governor Scott spoke about his recent trade mission trip to Israel and thanked Rabbi Oirechman and his wife Chanie for joining him there. He said that he has gained a lot from his inspiring visit to the Western Wall on Friday night and from visiting Yad Vashem.

Rabbi Oirechman presented to the Governor a picture of his recent visit to the Wall and then Ari Oirechman lit the menorah, followed by the singing of Chanukah songs.

Rabbi Shalom Loeub, the newest shliach to the area and coordinator of the event, spoke as well.

We thank the governor for this wonderful opportunity to take part in such a joyous and meaningful holiday!

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