Luliconazole a Gold Standard Treatment for Fungal Infections

Luliconazole CAS 187164-19-8Known as the brand name azole antifungal cream Luzu, which is marketed by Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Luliconazole 1% cream remains a gold standard treatment for a variety of fungal infections. Luliconazole is approved by the FDA to treat the following:

  • interdigital tinea pedis, or athlete’s foot
  • tinea corporis, also known as ringworm
  • tinea cruris, coined jock itch

As the first topical antifungal agent approved to treat tinea corporis and tinea cruris with a once daily treatment regimen lasting only a week, Luliconazole works quickly and effectively. Luliconazole is equally as effectual for treating interdigital tinea pedis, however the recommended dosage is one application daily for two weeks’ time. The original FDA approval in early 2013 was based on three successful trials which involved 679 adults suffering from tinea pedis and or tinea cruris. The first two trials focused on patients with tinea pedis, with the study goal being a complete clearance of the fungal infection at the four week mark. Trial group #1 demonstrated that 26 percent of patients treated with Luliconazole, once a day for two weeks, had a complete recovery and showed no signs of fungal infection. Only 2 percent of the placebo group in trial group #1 recovered. Trial group #2, which also focused on patients with tinea pedis, showed that 14 percent of patients experienced total healing after two weeks therapy versus 3 percent of the placebo group. The third group of patients with tinea cruris were assessed three weeks post-treatment for complete clearance of their fungal infection. A healthy 21 percent of participants experienced a total recovery with no signs of the fungal infection after just one week. Only 4 percent of the placebo group, however, showed complete clearance at the three week mark. Adverse effects were nonexistent, with a slight number of patients complaining about mild application site irritation.

As a safe and efficacious topical treatment for fungal infections Luliconazole continues to succeed in post marketing studies. Luliconazole works by blocking fungal ergosterol biosynthesis through the inhibition of the lanosterol demethylase enzyme. While this therapy is administered topically some systemic absorption has been documented, with plasma levels ranging from approximately 1 to 7 ng/mL.

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