Diatrizoic Acid is an Effectual Contrast Media Standard

Diatrizoic Acid CAS# 117-96-4Known in the United States as the brand name Gastrografin, which is marketed by Bracco Diagnostics, Diatrizoic Acid is an efficacious contrast media product. As a member of ionic iodinated contrast media drug class, Diatrizoic Acid is primarily used for investigation of the gastrointestinal tract. Diatrizoic Acid can be administered via an oral therapy or as an enema. Follow up gastrointestinal examinations are often made using barium and Diatrizoic Acid to achieve accurate diagnosis for several specific issues including:

  • Suspicion of acute hemorrhage.
  • Peptic ulcer perforation risk.
  • Post-surgery following stomach or intestine resection.
  • For the visualization of a tumor prior to an endoscopy.
  • To ascertain the development of a gastrointestinal fistula.
  • In conjunction with computerized tomography in the abdominal area.

It is uncommon that adverse effects are found in patients who receive Diatrizoic Acid, however a few exceptions have occurred in patients who complained of diarrhea, nausea and vomiting post administration. The oral formula of Diatrizoic Acid as Gastrografin is a lemon flavored solution which most patients find palatable. Typical dosages of Diatrizoic Acid range from 30 to 90 milliliters, depending on the weight and size of the patient. Children are also able to receive Diatrizoic Acid, with children around age 5 typically receiving the lowest 30 milliliter dosage. Pediatric doses are often diluted in water, milk or a carbonated beverage. The adult dose range of iodine content is 11 to 33 grams of iodine, based on a 30 to 90 milliliter dose. When used as an enema for an adult Diatrizoic Acid is usually dosed at 240 milliliters (88 grams of iodine) with 1,000 milliliters of water. An enema for children over age 5 is dosed at 90 milligrams (33 grams of iodine) and 500 milliliters of water. Children under age 5 are dosed individually according to size and need.

As a commonly mentioned contrast media, Diatrizoic Acid is an effectual agent used to help diagnose a plethora of gastrointestinal issues. The use of Diatrizoic Acid for preventing unnecessary surgery is evident, as the accurate evaluation of patient gastrointestinal issues is crucial for proper diagnosis and follow-up care.

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